cynthia cross
full name Cynthia cross birthdate + age november 13, 1994 + 25 status + sexuality single & kinsey 3
• An Army brat, Cynthia's father worked in SpecOps. This made it almost impossible for Cynthia to make long term friendships- Cynthia moved around sporadically, never sure of how long she'd be in a certain place, or how soon she'd be forced to leave. Sometimes, she barely knew the city before she was on to the next one. This sort of life certainly had its pros and cons- though she rarely went on dates and never let her roots grow in a certain place, she had quite a few penpals, and felt the freedom to do whatever she wanted. It wasn't like anyone could blame her or judge her- after all, she was never there long enough. Because of this, Cynthia often gave off the "weird girl" vibes- she was certainly peculiar, and proud of it, and the stories of her "exploits" tended to follow her long after she had gone, especially when she'd been there for mere months before she was off to the next one. Her father, Zachariah, was in high demand- one of the most gifted and talented in his field, he went where the money was- and so the family were well off, well traveled, and, well, weird. When she was 15, Cynthia's father passed away. She and her mother settled in Los Angeles, where Cynthia had some flash-in-the-pan fame as a Disney star.
• Though Cynthia was very well-read and tested highly, she never went to college. She never had an interest in the education that a brick and mortar place could give her, and instead opted to learn everything on her own time, and in her own way. She was privileged enough to be able to rely on her life experiences and not worry about money- her father had left her quite a bit of money- enough to get by for the rest of her life, if she pinched her pennies. But Cynthia never had interest in penny pinching, and instead used the money to fuel her lifestyle as best she could: one that included partying, rock shows, trips to different cities she'd never managed to visit, and paying for her mother's medical bills. When Cynthia's mother died when she was 20, she found herself completely untethered- for the first time, she really had no home on Earth.
• To pay her bills, Cynthia is a modern day jack-of-all-trades; she had a brief stint as a popular Disney channel star, makes money slinging makeup on Instagram, and is a well known tarot reader for the Hollywood elite. A bonafide hippie in her own right, Cynthia would never admit it, but she likes to imagine that if she knew Jane Fonda, they would be best friends. Along this vein, Cynthia is often jailed for her constant protesting. Though she isn't always jailed, she has been a few times, and often gets herself into even more trouble through processing with her big mouth.
• Though she originally moved to San Francisco for an adventure with a now ex-boyfriend, Cynthia fell in love with the city and decided, for once in her life, to stay put. She felt like the city was calling to her- though she knew little about it before she'd moved there, the city itself seemed to breathe a new life into her, and she was sure she was born to live there. In pure goth princess fashion, Cynthia used her dad's money to buy an old house in the city and began renovating it- though she loved the architecture she had no interest in the drabbiness of its insides, and so she started anew, lighting the place up and giving it more energy. Living alone had quite a few pros- no one could whine about her loud music, no one was bothered by her occult accessories, and if she wanted to walk around the house naked, no one was there to shame her. All in all, Cynthia was sure that she had been born to be alone- a life meant for solitude.
• Despite her gothy, boho, weirdo lifestyle, Cynthia can very much so be a typical girl. She likes makeup, the color pink, Lisa Frank stickers, drinking fruity drinks with low alcohol content, getting manicures, gossiping and flirting with boys. Though Cynthia has always found herself standing out in a crowd, and she certainly wasn't afraid of it, it was never directly purposeful- instead, she did what she wanted to do, uninterested in fitting into any particular box. This led her through many different hair colors, a wild variation of clothing items, piles and piles of makeup in her bathroom, and the lingering need to wear elaborate dresses to work. Cynthia had not been born with the gene that taught her to be ashamed or anxious- she was a different animal entirely, happy and proud of her intelligence, her quick wit, her pecularities, and even the parts of her that were completely uninteresting.
• This kind of independence didn't help her in her personal relationships, though- she often craved more time alone, aching to get away from the complicated facets of intense relationships and be alone with her thoughts, blasting music in her headphones and drinking whiskey straight out of the bottle. It wasn't that she didn't love people- she did, and with an intensity that was unrivaled- but it burned hot and bright, then flamed out just as fast. Cynthia didn't understand how other people had staying power- even her longest relationships, which lasted years on years, inevitably became too much for her- she had to take a step back, remember herself, learn to breathe again. Maybe that was the problem- Cynthia would often lose herself in the little details of another person, feel her edges begin to fray and pull apart, and she'd be forced to step back to remember herself. Maybe her independence wasn't independent at all- maybe it was shrouded in a fear of her own dependence, a desperate need to belong to something, someone, somewhere.
• both have fathers who are the best in their fields
• both zatanna and cynthia dabble in the occult
• cynthia's current home is reminiscent of shadowcrest
• cynthia reads palms and crystal balls
• both of cynthia's parents are dead, much like zatanna's